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 Sängerin Agatha de Tenebris Dryadales

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PostSubject: Re: Sängerin Agatha de Tenebris Dryadales   Sängerin Agatha de Tenebris Dryadales Icon_minitime10th March 2018, 07:56

Name: Sängerin Agatha de Tenebris Dryadales

Age: 144 (appears 14~16)
Birthplace: Village of Gewirr, Dull Marshland, Primus Nota
Current Residence: Village of Gewirr, Dull Marshland, Primus Nota
Gender: Female
Race: Tenebris Dryadalis

Class: Singer
Musical Instrument: Zither
Power: Clairaudience


History: The last nine generations of people that have lived in the village of Gewirr in the Dull Marshlands have fared very poorly, all thanks to the Tenebris Dryadalis that has ruined the harmony of the Godly Harp. They had fallen into a long era of fear and despair. No dark elf in Gewirr ever imagined hope would be brought to them by a child born with the power of the very villain who had wrecked havoc on the world so long ago.
   The village elders had kept a cautious eye on Agatha ever since she began telling people of the sounds she heard, sounds that no one else could hear. They thought she simply had excellent hearing. That, she does. But, as her people would soon discover, there was much more to it. It wasn't long until she claimed she could hear people speaking to her--some claiming to be dead, some claiming to be from beyond, many claiming to be hiding in plain sight. And when the voices such to her, she sung back to them, a song that somehow reached those that one normally shouldn't.
   And then she started talking of dreams. The dreams contained voices she recognized, and she'd finally seen for herself who were the ones communed with her. The elders asked her to describe them, and they were met with quite the shock.
   Agatha was clairaudient and able to hear from and speak to the Echo. It was the very power that their most infamous dark elf had taken advantage of.
   Since then, Agatha was kept under suspicion, and in the effort to ensure she would not make the same mistakes as their predecessor, they started giving her lessons on ethics. Not that they worked--this girl was one who frequently broke the rules. But the villagers saw she did so for good reason. For example, if told not to commit thievery, she would steal from an eatery to feed a nearby urchin. Her unorthodox attitude earned her a charm of its own.
   By this time, though, Agatha was old enough to recognize the fear in the eyes of even those who loved her. She's grown more insecure since then, and has developed a disposition that could be mistaken for bitter and grumpy. She is simply afraid--of herself and others.
   That hasn't prevented her from making friends, both in her village and out of it, for Agatha always had a slight bit of wanderlust. Over the years, she's been training with her friends to grow stronger. Soon, the strength of her and her friends extended to the people of Gewirr, and since then, the village was no longer defenseless. Dangers still lurk at the corners of the settlement, and everyone is uncertain of what they must do, what they must believe.
   And then an otherworldly radiance shone down upon Agatha while she and her friends were enjoying each other's company in a clearing.
   Those in the Echo spoke to her, as they always do, but this time they brought promising news.
   The path to the end of this cacophony is close by, and she would have a part to play.
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PostSubject: Sängerin Agatha de Tenebris Dryadales   Sängerin Agatha de Tenebris Dryadales Icon_minitime10th March 2018, 11:54

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Sängerin Agatha de Tenebris Dryadales
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