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 Grink de Tenebris Dryadales

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PostSubject: Grink de Tenebris Dryadales   13th February 2018, 00:21

Name: Defender Grink de Tenebris Dryadales.

Age: 28
Birthplace: Dunkelheit.
Current Residence: Grotta.
Gender: Male.
Race: Tenebris Dryadales.

Class: Instrumentalist.
Musical Instrument: Viola (Main Weapon) Violin (Sub Weapon).
Power: Dark magic.

Appearance: Semi-dark skin, black hair, and yellow eyes. He is 4’0” with aqua-colored clothing.

History: Grink was told constantly to find what was interesting to him after he was born. Both of his parents moved away from Dunkelheit after about seven years of being with him. Right after that, he started reading some of the books they left behind on different magic. He became an Instrumentalist when he started playing instruments he bought. Later, he started going out of Dunkelheit for multiple days before coming back to it, just to see what the world past it felt like. He eventually bought a viola, and kept it has his main weapon, only because it was a lot more portable and lighter than a harp or piano. He left Dunkelheit after he was 19 and left for someplace that was different from there. After about 194 hours, he managed to get to Grotta, which he didn’t intend to go to.
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PostSubject: Grink de Tenebris Dryadales   13th February 2018, 00:41

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Grink de Tenebris Dryadales
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