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 Elida Scout

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PostSubject: Re: Elida Scout   Elida Scout Icon_minitime5th December 2015, 00:32

Legal Name: Elida Scout
Preferred Name/Nickname:
Title: Space Merchant

Age: 21
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Straight

Race: Human?
Class: Caucasian

5’ 1”
112 ib
Birthplace: Earth
Date of Birth: April

Occupation: Extraterrestrial Merchant & Explorer


Ever since her childhood, Elida Scout was fascinated by outer space. She would routinely go out to the backyard Friday nights to look at the stars, vowing that one day she would be able to touch a star. As she grew older, Elida excelled in her science classes due to her interest in space. At the same time, she began pondering if Earth was the only planet with intelligent life on it. She began studying astrophysics when she went into college to become an astronaut. One night, she was observing the cosmos once more from a lawn when she saw a star heading toward her. However, as it came closer it looked more and more like a flying saucer. Elida stood there awestruck at this new discovery, but before she was able to move, she was being pulled in by a tractor beam. Right before she was pulled into the hull of the UFO, she passed out. When she awoke, she found herself in a pod like apparatus inside the UFO, which opened automatically upon her gain of consciousness, standing upright and fully refreshed. The first thing that she noticed was that she was wearing a makeshift power suit of some kind and she now has green eyes as opposed to her usual hazel eyes. She wandered the flying saucer and found that no one was on board. In addition, Elida found all sorts alien markings and alien technology scattered across the ship. Elida was ecstatic to find out that for some reason, she could fully understand these markings and how the technology on the ship works. The name of the UFO was the Conradine. She now travels the galaxy aboard the Conradine to explore whatever she can, selling technology and other artifacts to other travelers.

Elida is an inquisitive adventurer primarily driven by her curious nature. She is diligent in doing what she does and can stay focused on the task at hand. On the field she is quite conservative in her resources due to her job, but she likes to come prepared for exploration. As a result, Elida became inventive in using as little resources as possible and became excellent at adapting to the situation at hand. When interacting with others, Elida tends to be warm and inviting even when she is not selling her wares. She normally shoots the breeze with people and gives them honest advice for the terrain they seek to explore. She always gets excited and invested whenever she finds something new.
Tinkering with machines, Exploration, Stargazing
Outer Space, Adventure, Technology & Meeting new people
Boredom, Cheapskates and Thieves, Feeling helpless/underprepared, Shortness of breath, & Acid Rain.

Power & Talents:

She is able to fully understand any piece of technology or language she comes across with only a few days of studying it.
She has a very good sense of direction.
Battle Tactics:
Elida is a more of a tactician than a fighter. When facing a dangerous opponent, she actively attempts to distance herself away from the target and study its movements. After examining its attack pattern, she will use the terrain to her advantage if possible or plan out how to avoid it becoming a hindrance to her. If all else fails, she will use her weaponry to take down the opponent. However, if she is fighting someone who stole from her, she will shower the thief with attack from her weaponry. She shows no mercy to anyone who tries to steal from her.

Powerful Ice & Fire attacks can inference with the stabilization abilities of Elida’s suit while strong Electric & Water attacks have the capability to short out her suit’s weapon defenses and her gadgets.
Vorgon Atlas Pistol: A handgun that that fires energy bullets. It has a rapid fire mode that makes it prone to overheating.
Vorgon Atlas Rifle: A large battle rifle that fires powerful bursts of energy. Has a high cooldown time.
Nexus Smart Bomb: A bomb which attaches itself to the target and denotes after a set period of time.
Energy Pulsar: An EMP weapons designed to disable
Environmental Adaptor Suit: A powersuit that adjusts to the conditions of different planets and comes equipped with an energy barrier. It can moderately increases the wearer’s physical attributes.
Vorgon Radar Band: A mini satellite that quickly alerts the wearer of anyone in a selected range from the user. The larger the range, the longer it takes to provide a warning.

Nexus Compact Case: An interdimensional case that is able fit a myriad of items within it.
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PostSubject: Elida Scout   Elida Scout Icon_minitime5th December 2015, 00:33

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Elida Scout
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