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PostSubject: Re: Raiden   Raiden Icon_minitime13th March 2016, 16:58

Regular Sheet:
Name: Raiden
Nickname: Rai
Title: Unknown

Age: Mid to late 20s
Date of Birth: Unknown
Gender: Male
Orientation: Straight
Zodiac Sign: Electricity

Birthplace: Fulgur IV
Current Residence: Fulgur IV
Family: Himself
Race: Fulgan

Height: 5' 13"
Weight: 96 lbs. 15 oz.

Occupation: Explorer

Body: Half of his body is comprised of machinery, with electric conductors attached to them.

Clothing: White T-Shirt, metal gloves, shorts, black boots.

Born in a wooden shaft, he was abandoned at a very early age. Unable to really do anything, he resorted to experimenting on himself. After about 50 failed attempts, he was successful. After that, he started to learn how to control electricity, and learned he can do it very ineffectively. Learning that he can only use one power for now, he decided to join the rebels and see if that would help him.

In-Battle: Mysterious. Hard to predict what the next move is.

Out-of-Battle: Hyper

Electric Shot: Shoots a small electric shock at the opponent. Has a small chance of stunning

Element: Electricity

Weakness: Water, Earth, Air
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PostSubject: Raiden   Raiden Icon_minitime13th March 2016, 17:18

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