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 Kagi gairo

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PostSubject: Kagi gairo character sheet   Kagi gairo Icon_minitime20th March 2016, 23:29

Regluar sheet study

Name: Kagi gairo
Nick name: N/A
Title: Miss

Age: 23
Date of Birth: 11 B 300 M StY, Skotaditelos II
Gender: Female
Orientation: Striaght
Zodiac sign: Darkness

Birthplace: Tenebris lX
Current Residence: Obscurum
Father- Unknown
Mother- Unknown
Grandmother- Alive
Race:  Tenebrisan

Height: 5'7
Weight: 119 lb

Occupation: Dark Mage/ Priestess

Body:Key has purple eyes, dark brown skin. She also has brown hair with golden streaks going down her lower back that is wavy yet curly mostly. She appears to look like a young woman but she is older than she appears to be. She is in between slim and average body type, she stands 5'7 while she has the bust of a B cup. Her face is rounded to show she has long way to go since she has a baby face.

Clothing: Key wears a black hair band that has a white water lily with black tips on it. She wears star shaped golden ear rings with black hearts in the center of the golden stars that has a golden hoop around the stars. She wears a black jewel on her forehead that is held there by a golden chain. She wears more black gems around her neck that are in the shape of hearts that are black and diamonds that are black. She wears a  black and white dress that has a white bow that wraps around the dress then ties into a bow on the back of the long sleeve dress. She has white cuff links on the ends of her sleeves. Her dress goes down to her  feet then it drags behind her as she walks. She wears white flats shoes.

History: Key was born on Tenebris lX  and grew up there as a child. She was raised by her grandmother since her mother and father had disappeared without a trace or a word. Key grew up and florished into a beautiful growing flower. She moved to Tenebris X when she was just eighteen years old to be a servant of her beloved King and Queen and hope to see them rule up close.  She felt so happy and honored when the Queen called upon her and asked her to be a personal maid for her and to help her with certain things along with some other women. Key and the other women who all came from different places explained what their homes were like to the Queen. Each woman was sadden that their Queen had passed away and prayed to their Goddess for help to get through the grief as the darkness started to cover the land and take over. Key was effected by the darkness and uses her powers to protect her friends and her King.

Personality: Key is caring and kind but sometimes has a crazy yet mean streak to her. She is honest and isn't afraid to tell people how it is. When she is pushed to the edge, Key will let out a barage of attacks of darkness that will send her foe flying a few yards away. Key is fierce and she has a quick temper to match her personality. When on the prowl, she becomes very playful before going in for the kill.  She is sly and creative and very unpredictable, she has a lot of gears turning in her head that can get her out of trouble. Key is actually compassionate woman who welcomes all into her home.

Element: Darkness - She is able to manipulate darkness, demons, the night and shadows.

Weaknesses: Light and slightly weak to fire.
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PostSubject: Kagi gairo   Kagi gairo Icon_minitime20th March 2016, 23:31

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Kagi gairo
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