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PostSubject: Miseris the Bane   Miseris Icon_minitime21st March 2016, 08:06

Name: Miseris
Nickname: Mizzy, Misery, Miss Miserable
Title: Miss

Age: 132 (physically 11)
Date of Birth: 13 B 888 M StY Skotaditelos I (Nov. 8th)
Gender: Female
Orientation: Heterosexual (straight)
Zodiac Sign: Darkness

Birthplace: The universe
Current Residence: Tenebris
Family: All elementals; elementals tend to consider their entire race as a huge family that runs on a system of clans.
Race: Elemental. Clan is the Bane (darkness elemental).

Height: 150 cm (4’11”)
Weight: 31 kg (68.34 lbs)

Occupation: Kurayami of the Banes. Also a part-time detective.

Body: Elementals are, in appearance, human. Their default appearances are basically those of normal human boys or girls with the occasionally odd eye/hair color. However, they have a series of select other traits that make them stand out (though some of these can be hidden). An elemental’s traits depend on which elemental they are.

Darkness elementals, or Banes, have a pair of very long and large feathered wings sprouting from their crown. These wings can be folded shut and shrunk to a degree, but they are almost impossible to hide. They also have horizontally slitted pupils, though they may look rounder when wider.

Even though Banes are technically Tenebrisans, the default Bane body does not consist of shadows for flesh (though that can occur through use of their powers) and does not necessarily have dark purple eyes. Nor do the Banes always follow the color schemes of the other Tenebrisans.

Miseris has long and straight lavender hair, which extends down to her thighs. Her irises are a piercing amethyst. The wings of the Bane on her head are as black as midnight. Her skin is very pale, as if she has never seen daylight, but it isn't so white that it’s sickly. She’s rather skinny, and may see frail at first glance. Only those who have seen her power will know that a weak body does not make a weak being. Overall, she is attractive.

Clothing: The main attire of her standard outfit, like her wings, is jet black: a gothic Lolita dress with long sleeves but a short skirt, a little above her knees (no, it does NOT look provocative). Underneath this are her gray tight leggings that fully conceal the skin, and black point-tipped knee-high boots.

She has a dark green ribbon tied around a single lock of her hair. Who knows where that came from?

History: Elementals were born due to the boredom of the Creator himself. While created by him, their creation in itself took place in different solar systems, depending on what type of elementals they were. They aged and looked differently from the other natives of their respective systems. This new race came to be known as “the deities that aren’t”. Some would worship and respect these beings. A few would shun or fear them, even hunt them down. Mostly, though, they would be treated like normal people, perhaps held in only slightly higher regard.

Like all races do, the founding elementals gained descendants, who gained more descendants, who gained more descendants, who. . . you get the picture.

Banes were created in Tenebris. The first Banes were known as the Kurayami, but the elementals as a whole had not long after decided to name their people by their own principles. They would reserve their ancient name as a title of authority to their leader.

Miseris, after only a few years of her birth, became Kurayami of the Banes. Both her parents had died in an unfortunate accident while traveling, presumably due to a malfunction in the spacecraft they were aboard. Miseris has proven to be a capable Kurayami, though, devoting herself to being as good a leader as someone like her can possibly be.

There has been more tragedy, though. Recently, there has been a rather unsettling feud between her and the Tomoshibi of the Illumines (light elementals). The most common rumor is that the Tomoshibi has a vendetta against her, but no one’s really sure what’s gone on between them. Miseris herself has revealed nothing about the situation. Her people speculate that either she is hiding something. . . or she herself knows little about what is going on. All that can be confirmed by any of the Banes is the fact that Miseris herself was not the one who started this enmity.

Thank Yami that none of the Banes or Illumines got swept up into this contention themselves. The Kurayami herself had specifically requested: Anything the Tomoshibi has against her, he will direct to her and her alone. The other Banes and Illumines are actually at friendly relationships with each other.

In-Battle: In a fight, Miseris is vicious, and will attack relentlessly. She will show more and more perseverance to win with every passing turn. A resourceful girl like her will be willing to use anything she has around her to win, and she may even use the battleground as an experimentation ground. Deception seems to be her most common strategy, such as faking or distracting. Being the clever and cunning person she is, she will occasionally toy with the enemy. But she won’t kill her opponent—the idea of that in itself disgusts her.

She’s also a rather stubborn fighter. In the case that she is the one losing, she will remain fighting until she can clearly see that she must flee. She’s willing to come to a truce, but she won’t be the one to suggest it first, unless it’s really important to her.

She will show mercy if she deems it appropriate. It depends on your behavior overall when you fight her.

Out-of-Battle: In peace, Miseris is a phlegmatic youth with a natural charm to herself, and it’s not just her looks. The girl’s intelligence and courteousness are not to be overlooked. (You think she’s clever only on the battlefield? Think again.)

Miseris has a surprisingly decent capacity for compassion and honesty (though her battle antics may state otherwise). It’s also worth knowing that she doesn’t backstab, only when she finds it absolutely necessary. Even though she’s always on the lookout for herself, betrayal isn’t really her thing.

She is gentle, graceful, and sophisticated. Well-mannered, she dislikes any particularly rude behavior, and will not show it herself unless she is purposefully trying to goad another into something. Sometimes, she slips into talking formally, or like a medieval sage.

She takes her job as the Kurayami seriously. She tries to make the best judgements she can, making decisions as quickly as possible, trying to go for the options that would do the best in the long run. Not that it always works out well, but bless her, she’s trying.

Though she may not be expressive about it, she is easily amused. She herself also has a good sense of humor. Or maybe it’s not good. Depends.

It may not be very evident, but Miseris has a certain degree of paranoia and anxiety. She’s been flinching at sudden brightness ever since her first skirmish with the Tomoshibi. . .

It is extremely difficult for one to convince the Kurayami to reveal what she is not willing to reveal. That doesn’t mean you should conceal truths from her. Once she finds out you’ve been keeping facts from her. . . good luck.

Description: Banes are all natural darkness users, and it does not take long for them to master the techniques of darkness. They can learn to use other elements, but this takes several moons of intensive training. Most elementals do not find learning to use more than one element necessary, as they can easily grow more powerful through just the element they are each born to use.

While elementals can be very flexible about how they utilize their powers, there are certain moves that they, either as individuals or in groups, tend to use often as their own signature moves. Hence, those sorts of moves have been labeled explicitly. Sometimes, the users will call their attacks, mainly due to old traditions of elemental sparring matches. (Understand that named moves are not the limit of any elemental. It is usually rather obvious what the user can do without their specified moveset.)

Banes are extremely quick at adapting their sense of sight to the dark. It is much easier for them to use already existent shadows instead of creating darkness themselves, but the former method renders the user’s abilities a little weaker than the latter.

The following are Miseris’s signature solo moves.

  • Dark Pouch: This move can only be done using already present darkness. While she may not carry any items on her person, she can seal stuff away in shadows and retrieve them at will, provided there is darkness nearby. She is not the only one to use this move, but this is difficult to master for most Banes.
  • Malevolence: A cunning move, but not used often, as this takes a lot of power to actually do. By glaring at her opponent, she can give the other a sense that they are much less powerful than she, and that they are fighting a losing battle. At first, the effects are only slight doubts, but these doubts will increase with every passing minute.
  • Shadow Scythe: One of her most common and well-known moves. It simply creates a pure black scythe made of shadows. Be careful around her when she’s using it.
  • Dark Aura: Another move made for intimidation, but also for signals. Basically, a bunch of darkness writhing around her, lashing out. Gives the opponent a bad feeling.
  • Night Shroud: Often a last resort move that she tends to use when she must flee. Her body will disintegrate into a cloud of darkness (the wispy kind). She is incredibly fast in this form, but it is also pretty impossible for her to fight directly.
  • Crow Call: A special move. Also counts as a supporting move. Many may say that this is like summoning an army of demons, but there are a couple of things to note on this move. One, what is being summoned cannot be created on the spot. She must directly call out for them—by cawing like a crow would. Two, this move summons only the yatagarasu, three-legged crows of varying sizes and numbers of eyes and pairs of wings. They, just like this very move, were born for battle. No one has ever escaped from this move unscathed.
  • Sword Swirl: Another special move. This one has nothing to do with her powers of darkness, but with another weapon of hers, a whip sword. Beware lacerations that you may not notice until it is too late.
  • Nightmare: A finishing move. For a finishing move, though, this is very drawn-out and powerful, so it’s used only on opponents that are just that strong. For a full minute, she will trap her opponent in darkness, during which the foe will experience a series of visions and negative emotions, mostly sprouting from traumas or phobias. The side effect is that for around an hour afterwards, the opponent will feel COMPLETELY intimidated by her presence, and they most likely will not dare retaliate.

Her eyes trail out purple glowing smoke in the case that she is using a lot of power. She is also immune to poison.
All elementals have messengers—creatures capable of speech who bond with certain elementals and are inclined to help out with certain tasks. Miseris’s messengers are the yatagarasu, led by one called Tomoaki Sanjo.

Element: Darkness

Weakness: Physical frailty. May get thrown off guard when taken by surprise, possibly leading to slowed-down reflexes. Will be overpowered by light or fire users under certain circumstances.

Weapon(s) of Choice: The darkness, her Shadow Scythe, and her whip sword. And she’s REALLY good at using them.
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PostSubject: Miseris   Miseris Icon_minitime21st March 2016, 12:37

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