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PostSubject: Rouzeki Character Sheet   Rouzeki Icon_minitime18th July 2016, 15:27

Name: Rouzeki
Nickname: Rou
Title: The Masked Murrki
Age: 21
Date of Birth: May 14
Gender: Male
Orientation: Heterosexual  
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Birthplace: Fulgur 1
Current Residence:  Muramasa-M1 (SpaceCraft)
Family:  N/A
Race: Fulgan
Height: 5'8
Weight: 160lb
Occupation: Ninja
Body: Rouzeki has short straight blond hair and yellow eyes as a Fulgan. His skin is pale and white in complexion which gives off an inhuman look to him as a cyborg. His face has a sharp structure which gives him a mature and calm look to him. With his training as a shinobi he has a slim but muscular build.
Clothing: Rouzeki wears a futuristic jet black full-body suit that is made of a flexible light weight metal. It has a metal mask that covers the bottom-half of his face which is adjustable. It has various straps and locks that hold his various weapons while also keeping the jet black color scheme. He is rarely seen wearing common clothing unless the occasion calls for it.
Rouzeki can also activate his suit's battle mode which enhances Rouzeki's abilities. In appearance the suit transforms and forms armor all around the body with a metal mask that covers the head. The suit has a yellow and black color scheme. Electricity is seen sparking constantly while in this mode and unlike his regular suit this suit has more weight and has more mass for the purpose of protection.
History: Being created as a cyborg from birth Rouzeki was immediately forced out from his family as he was chosen to be a part of a project known as T.N.R.O: The Ninja Reflection Operation. This operation was organized by a small group of Fulgans who researched old warriors of legend who were mainly shinobi. They stride to use their Fulgan technology to make a super soldier and make it a good use for the Emperor. Rouzeki at a young age was isolated and wasn't permitted to have access to the outside world but was forced into everyday training in the art of assassination. They chose to use the data of a ninja who once lived in the past during the Battle Coliseum named Rouzeki Murrki III and wanted to imitate everything as possible. During his time in the operation at a young age he was used to fight against those in the Magicae system and even had to kill those on site. Seeing the pain and suffering he caused to others he started to question himself and he became curious of his existence. With this curiosity he ended up rebelling against those in charge of the T.N.R.O and killed them as he wanted information on himself and he soon found out everything in the database. His purpose and why he was brought to this operation and even finding out that he was merely a reflection of another person which caused him great grief. Rouzeki now is set on a goal to find his true self and making sure this operation is never put back in action.
In-Battle: In battle, Rouzeki is serious and analyzes everything about his opponent as his goal is to finish it quickly. He will do anything means necessary to defeat his enemy even if it means harm on himself.
Out-of-Battle: Out of battle, Rouzeki is often focused as he is always deep in thought. Although being trained as a assassin he desires to getting to know others and one day become fully human. He is very careful in who he opens up too but once he does he is kind at heart and cares for those he meets.
However, if you make him angry or give him a reason to distant you. He will without hesitation cut any ties and emotion he has for them claiming them as an enemy. He does forgive but only when he is clear of suspicion as a ninja he was trained this way. 
Description: As a shinobi he has the ability of stealth, speed and agility. Capable of scaling walls, infiltration and assassination.
With his battle suit, Hansha this grants Rouzeki access to his cybernetic implants that gives him superhuman agility and speed making it hard for his opponents to read his movements. However, it comes with a price as it produces a constant strain on the user as it uses excess use of his electric power. Only used for dire situations. 
Element: Electricity
Rouzeki is capable of controlling electricity throughout his body which has its limits.
Weakness: His weakness is anything that has moisture or water which is the natural weakness to electricity. Also with being an assassin he isn’t built for long drawn out battles which can drain him of his resources.
Also if he suffers bad injuries it takes a while for him to get repairs since he doesn’t heal naturally like a human.
Rouzeki is also a close-range fighter which also has its disadvantages

Spacecraft: Muramasa-M1
Design: The Muramasa-M1 is small and used for infiltration purposes but also used as home and shelter. It has a black and yellow color scheme and has a triangular-like shape.
Capacity: The Muramasa-M1 can hold up at least 4 people max
Facilities: Basic Facilities such as a bedroom, kitchen and bathroom.
Type of Fighter: Close-Range
Weapon(s) of Choice:
Cybernetic Tools: Grabbling Hook, Smoke Grenades and Needles
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PostSubject: Rouzeki   Rouzeki Icon_minitime18th July 2016, 15:35

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