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PostSubject: Lambence the Illumine   Lambence Icon_minitime1st August 2016, 16:16

Name: Lambence
Nickname: Lamb, Lamp, Hellbent, Karui (stage character name)
Title: Mister

Age: 144 (physically 12)
Date of Birth: 13 B 876 M StY Fostelos I (Aug. 7th)
Gender: Male
Orientation: Heterosexual (straight)
Zodiac Sign: Light

Birthplace: The universe
Current Residence: Lux
Family: All elementals; elementals tend to consider their entire race as a huge family that runs on a system of clans.
Race: Elemental. Clan is the Illumine (light elemental).

Height: 157 cm (5’2”)
Weight: 35 kg (77.16 lbs)

Occupation: Tomoshibi of the Illumines. Also an actor in Seer of the Arcane, a popular sitcom.

Body: Elementals are, in appearance, human. Their default appearances are basically those of normal human boys or girls with the occasionally odd eye/hair color. However, they have a series of select other traits that make them stand out (though some of these can be hidden). An elemental’s traits depend on which elemental they are.

Light elementals, or Illumines, have pupils that glow with light. These lights can be turned off, but it takes either a lot of effort or a lack of consciousness/awareness. They also have gemstones embedded into the backs of their hands that light up when they use their powers. The gems come in a large variety, and can be concealed with gloves.

Even though Illumines are technically Luxans, the default Illumine body does not consist of having a halo hang above the head (though that can occur through use of their powers) and does not necessarily have creamy eyes or white hair. Nor do the Illumines always follow the color schemes of the other Luxans.

Lambence has thick and rather long golden hair, but it only barely touches his neck; the edges tend to spike outwards. His irises are a lovely shade of bright pink. The gems on his hands are small, white, and square-shaped, with a flat facet topping it. The vertices point towards the wrist, fingertips, and edges of his hands. His skin is on the pale side, but there’s a slight undertone of peach. He’s rather lean (if how much his garments flap in the wind is any indication).

Clothing: Lambence doesn’t really have a standard outfit. Outside his quarters, he’s wearing casual clothes a lot. Inside, however, it is likely that you will find him wearing a long white robe. It extends down to his ankles, and the cloth is lightweight. However, it is trimmed with golden fabric along the hem of the robe and its wide sleeves (which fall a little short behind his wrists), also lining the neck area and both the vertical middle of the front and the waist area, as a girdle.

He’s also got a couple of solid gold bracelets. He tends to go around in moccasins made of golden fabric while he’s indoors. He just wears sneakers when he’s outdoors. Don’t expect his bracelets to go off unless he’s sleeping, though.

History: Elementals were born due to the boredom of the Creator himself. While created by him, their creation in itself took place in different solar systems, depending on what type of elementals they were. They aged and looked differently from the other natives of their respective systems. This new race came to be known as “the deities that aren’t”. Some would worship and respect these beings. A few would shun or fear them, even hunt them down. Mostly, though, they would be treated like normal people, perhaps held in only slightly higher regard.

Like all races do, the founding elementals gained descendants, who gained more descendants, who gained more descendants, who. . . you get the picture.

Illumines were created in Lux. The first Illumines were known as the Tomoshibi, but the elementals as a whole had not long after decided to name their people by their own principles. They would reserve their ancient name as a title of authority to their leader.

Lambence had grown up with a loving family—a mother, a father, and many older siblings. His brothers and sisters used to have a lot of connections to other galaxies, and therefore, Lambence now has many allies.

The true heir to the Tomoshibi of the Illumines had not been him, but his eldest sister, who had been assassinated along with the rest of the family one fateful night. Lambence was the only one left to take place as Tomoshibi, let alone heir. (He was 96—that’s 8 elemental years old.) Nobody’s really sure of who the assassin was. There are many suspects, but there is one person that Lambence firmly believes had been the murderer: Miseris, Kurayami of the Banes.

This has lead to a rather unsettling feud between the two. The Tomoshibi randomly attacks the Kurayami almost every time they cross paths. Why Lambence so strongly claims Miseris is responsible, not many really have a clue. If you ask him personally, though, he will mention that when he had stumbled upon his family’s corpses, he had seen a wispy shadow zip out the window. There is only one person he knows that is able to use such an ability.

Thank Hikari that none of the Illumines or Banes got swept up into this contention themselves. The Kurayami herself had specifically requested: Anything the Tomoshibi has against her, he will direct to her and her alone. The other Illumines and Banes are actually at friendly relationships with each other.

In-Battle: In most fights, Lambence could care less about what’s going on. He’s got steady stamina and battle prowess, thus almost never exhausted. Add that to the fact that he’s a confident individual in general, so he’s got moments of making casual comments during scary situations (people love to snap at him for this). This could be because he’s part of the main cast of a sitcom, but then there’s the question of why he passed the auditions in the first place.

He’s a straightforward fighter who tends to start out with fighting head-on with basic moves, but if his opponent has a lot more in store than the average sparring partner, he will take his own level up by several notches.

He likes to see himself as an honorable fighter, and he has his own code that he follows in the usual fight. If someone’s life is endangered—or if he’s fighting Miseris—honor is basically thrown out the window.

Speaking of Miseris, when he clashes with her, he’s a relentless brute who gives all he’s got, but hasn’t managed to “win” thus far.

Out-of-Battle: In peace, Lambence is. . . pretty much the same. Patient, confident, and witty. His humor tones down some, though he’ll take whatever opportunity he can to crack a joke or two.

It’s this attitude of his that tends to cause some bloopers whenever the show he stars in is filmed. Other bloopers are caused by the many, many clumsy blunders he and his cast buddies tend to make.

He’s also quite the sociable boy. Most of the time you find him in his spare time, he’s always got at least one person with him to chat with comfortably.

Lambence loves a good challenge. Whether it’s a spar or a game, he’d usually be willing to take you on. You’ll find him and some cast members in Seer of the Arcane playing Truth or Dare sometimes. He’s hard to shame—in fact, he’ll probably just laugh at himself a lot.

He’s a natural leader, no questions asked. We’re not talking about just his position as Tomoshibi here. Anything that you need to do in a group, if he’s part of it, you can count on him. He’s got that air about him that seems to make a lot of burdens lighter, so people usually come to trust him quickly.

He tries to discuss his ideas with others before making a judgement. This goes well with a select few. Other followers tend to be afraid to disagree, and this annoys him to no end.

By the way, Lambence is kind of claustrophobic. He’s not afraid of spaces that are already small, but if a small area suddenly appears around him, or the walls start closing in, or something of the like happens. . . he’s gonna freak. The process is slow, so it might not be noticeable at first. When you notice, though, get him out fast, because you do not want to see him get past the fear stage.

Description: Illumines are all natural light users, and it does not take long for them to master the techniques of light. They can learn to use other elements, but this takes several moons of intensive training. Most elementals do not find learning to use more than one element necessary, as they can easily grow more powerful through just the element they are each born to use.

While elementals can be very flexible about how they utilize their powers, there are certain moves that they, either as individuals or in groups, tend to use often as their own signature moves. Hence, those sorts of moves have been labeled explicitly. Sometimes, the users will call their attacks, mainly due to old traditions of elemental sparring matches. (Understand that named moves are not the limit of any elemental. It is usually rather obvious what the user can do without their specified moveset.)

Illumines can see through extreme brightness. It is easier for them to use already existent light instead of creating light themselves, but the former method renders the user’s abilities much weaker than the latter, so they might as well use self-generated light all the time.

The following are Lambence’s signature solo moves.

  • Laser Shot: Beams of light will be generated from his hands or eyes and shoot out at enemies. Not necessarily hot, but cuts through almost anything.
  • Glitz-and-Glam: Basically, glitter-bombing. Useful for blinding or escapades, maybe even actual blow-ups if he puts that much power into it (that would be a waste, though).
  • Luster Dust: A golden type of dust that can be utilized flexibly by any adept Illumine.
  • Light Aura: A move meant mostly for signals and warnings. A flurry of colorful lights (search up the MacBook screensaver “Flurry” for reference) surround him and writhe about.
  • Light Shuriken: Small shuriken made of Luxium ore. While tiny in size, can deal specific damage depending on where he’s aiming. If he wants to inflict destructive damage, he can make the shuriken bigger and brighter by adding some of his own light to it. They also serve as makeshift lanterns.
  • Benevolence: A special move. Also an incredibly difficult move to master. It’s massively useful while it lasts—the move surrounds his selected allies in rings of light for a brief moment, giving them a huge wave of relief and confidence in the process. While usually meant for boosting morale during battle, it can also work on a smaller scale to soothe practically any distressed person. The only person this move can’t be used on is Lambence himself.
  • Axe Fury: Another special move. He will apply light to his axe, which makes it a lot lighter in weight. While the weapon glows, it will provide speedy and precise attacks for a brief moment. Requires recharge.
  • Mercy: A finishing move. This takes after the concept of mercy killing, though the move itself doesn’t kill. What it does do is knock the opponent out and put them under a heavy trance that prevents them from waking up for around 3 hours. While the trance lasts, the opponent will be dreaming of their happiest moments in life. It is enough to distract them from the need to wake up at all. This provides ample time for him to take advantage of either the opponent or the situation. The hard part is getting the move done—two minutes of body contact is required.

His eyes trail out white glowing smoke in the case that he is using a lot of power. He is stronger during moments when others surrounding him feel some form of affection for him.

All elementals have messengers—creatures capable of speech who bond with certain elementals and are inclined to help out with certain tasks. Lambence’s messengers are the couatl (winged serpents), led by one called Camaxtli.

Element: Light

Weakness: His variant of claustrophobia. May lose control if he’s feeling fear or hatred to the extreme. Will be overpowered by darkness users under certain circumstances.

Weapon(s) of Choice: Light Shuriken, double-headed battleaxe, arsenal of unwarranted humor.
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PostSubject: Lambence   Lambence Icon_minitime1st August 2016, 16:34

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