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PostSubject: Chouko   Chouko Icon_minitime15th October 2016, 01:17

Name: Chouko (assumed name)

Nickname: Masked Rider (Armored, Public name on Earth), Bughead (Armored, Thugs), Prototype (????)

Title: Kabutomushi

Age: Late 20s

Date of Birth: September 7, 1685

Gender: Female

Orientation: Bi under technicality

Zodiac Sign: Boar under Eastern Zodiac

Birthplace: Assumed to be Fulgur II

Current Residence: Travelling on Earth

Family: Long dead.

Race: Fulgan

Height: 6'5 (Unarmored) 7'9 (Armored)

Weight: 180 pounds (Unarmored) 250 pounds (Armored)

Occupation: None, often called an adventurer

Appearance: A tall muscular Asian woman with bright red eyes, dark hair with an almost forest green shine under certain lights, and varying outfits, albeit with one recurring element: Some sort of wheel embedded in her skin below the belly button. (Unarmored) A tall masculine-looking figure with a tall horn resembling a sort of blade, insectoid red eyes, a black spandex-like material covering the body, and shiny green plates resembling a beetle, A flow of controlled light resembling a scarf, with two large portions on the back.

Body: Two scars near the base of the spine resembling a strange spiral going outwards, and an ovular formation with a wheel embedded within protruding from the skin.

Clothing: Typically whatever is provided or found, with a preference for masculine clothing circa late 20th to early 21th century Earth.

History: Long ago, when enormous insects swarmed Fulgur II, the dominant species at the time had decided upon a plan- to create a soldier with the ferocity of the insectoid beasts. As such, they hit upon the idea of grafting the carapace of the beasts onto their subjects. Few survived, and in the end, the only one that actually DID survive was an outsider, kidnapped at a young age. What little records survived stated that she became incredible, some local legends calling her a devil. Despite some type of success, the one as well as the ones who researched upon her faded away into the annals of history after some type of accident regarding wormhole research. Centuries later, on Earth, an amnesiac woman was found in Japan with a strange growth on her, while a seemingly unrelated vigilante out of some television show started running about, attracting attention of various kinds.


In-Battle: Hotblooded despite saying no words at all, merciful and compassionate to an almost dangerous degree. Overtly dramatic, yet intelligent when necessary.

Out-of-Battle: Silent, often not caring for anything unless she is pulled in directly. Often given to star gazing, as if searching for answers.

Power(s): Superhuman strength, speed, and stamina, fighting prowess comparable to a talented martial artist

Description: Strength capable of lifting a 12-story skyscraper under intense pressure in armor, speeds in excess of 100 kilometers per hour in armor, capable of going 3 months without any and all sustenance. Is capable of lifting a 1-story building unarmored, and going at 20 kilometers per hour unarmored.

Element: Electricity

Weakness: Is often outclassed by even late 20th century military grade hardware, Given to being distracted, or even losing use of limbs due to a habit of dramatic motions, no real defense against magic.

Spacecraft: None.

Type of Fighter: Fist fighter, with moves enhanced by her armor.

Weapon(s) of Choice: Fists, Feet, Whatever is on hand (Unarmored)

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