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 Kīra Sabaibā

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PostSubject: Kīra Sabaibā   Kīra Sabaibā Icon_minitime11th November 2016, 16:18

Name: Kīra Sabaibā
Nickname: N/A
Title: Fire Mage, Miss,

Age: 25
Date of Birth: Sympan V 13 B, 975 M StY (October 5th)
Gender: Female
Orientation: Pan-sexual
Zodiac Sign: Cosomo

Birthplace: Spatium V.
Current Residence: Spatium XII.
Family: (look below)
Son: Raian Sabaibā
Race: Spatan

Height: 5'7
Weight: 125 lb

Occupation: Student at Academia de Duodecim Elementa

Kīra stands 5 foot, seven inches. she is an average to curvy looking woman. She has long grey hair that falls to her thighs, golden eyes along with a brown skin that's a mix between light brown and dark brown. She wears blue eye shadow along with pink lip stick.

Clothing:  Kīra wears a white shirt with long sleeves, she wears a black vest that looks like it is connected to a black skirt with some white flames at the bottom of the dress. She wears a white petite coat under the dress making it look not to thin or puffy. She has a clip in her hair that has a black bow on it on the right side of her head. She wears black heels for her shoe wear. She only wears once piece of jewelry which is a white choker with a black symbol that stood for her home.

History: Kīra was born into a average family that was doing well for themselves. Kīra grew up always keeping her nose in a book and always studying or reading when ever she could. One day when she was but turning sixteen, she picked out a book from a store to find it was a book on something she thought never existed. She secretly bought books on fire magic and trained for years and years until she flew through the whole book over time. Kīra's curiosity for wanting to know more on what she could do made her want to learn more. She sought out going to Academia Duodecim Elementa so she could learn. Once there. She would continue learning until she knew everything there was to learn.

Kīra is serious when she is threatened in a form of way. If someone tries to attack her or start a battle she will intend to finish it and walk away. She uses a black metal staff with a bat at the tip on it with a moon at the very top. The bat wings have three golden rings hanging from them.  She won't hesitate to knock someone into a building, out the window or out of her face. As long as it gets the job done. If she's feeling in a happy mood, she might play around with who she is facing. If someone wants to train with her then she will be patient with them for a while, if they don't try and waste her time, she will throw a fire ball at their bumb.

Out-of-Battle: Kīra is still a child at heart but she is still curious about learning and everything that is out there.  She still wants to see what the universe has to offer for her and what she can do for the other worlds to help solve the problems in each solar system including her own. She tries to stay on the bright side of things even when some things are going down hill.  If she sees someone she fancy won't be shy to shoot a sly look their way along with a playful smirk. She can be blunt at times but when it comes to serious matters, she will become serious about those matters.


- Manipulate Time and Space: She can manipulate Time and Space at least ten feet around for twenty seconds. She is able to use this ability again after every few minutes.

- Manipulate Fire: She can control her fire abilities more than she can her native powers.
+  Fire Balls: She can create fire balls the size of a basketball and uses them as weapons. She likes to kick them or throw them like she is playing a sport.
+ Fire Wall: She can put up a wall of fire to block off paths  and use as an escape or for for protection.
+ Staff of the Firey Moon: She sets her staff on fire causing it  to become really hot. The staff deals a little more damage when ever someone is hit by it.
+ Peanut butter Jelly with a Flamming staff:  She  makes fire balls and uses her Firey Moon Staff to knock these fire ball at foes like baseballs and will not let up until she makes a home run.
+ Shades of Flames: She makes three copies of herself with flames and have them attack.

Element: Fire (Dominate), Cosmos (Native)

-Spirit Energy
-anywhere cold

Design: N/A
Capacity: N/A
Facilities: N/A

Type of Fighter:  Magick user, melee fighter

Weapon(s) of Choice: Bat Moon Staff
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PostSubject: Kīra Sabaibā   Kīra Sabaibā Icon_minitime11th November 2016, 16:27

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Kīra Sabaibā
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